Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Cricket Champion is owned by Cricket Champion Pvt. Limited. The use of “we”, “our” or “us” stands for Cricket Champion. When you agree to buy our services, you agree to follow our Terms and Conditions. The headings used here is to simplify the content and don’t affect any terms directly or indirectly. Before heading to buy our services, read our terms and conditions to avoid any conflict in the future. 
We hold the right to decline any services anytime for any reason. You are responsible for the shared information which can be transferred unencrypted (not credit cards) to the various networks for the technical and other requirements. While using a credit card, the details are always encrypted. 
While using our services, you signed up not to produce duplicate services, sell or exploit any part of our website and services without any permission. 
Service and Rate Modifications
Cricket Champion can change the products, services, and rates without any notice. We reserve all the rights to modify our product or shut down any services. We are not answerable to any of our users and third parties we are associated with for the modifications in services, rates, and any other kind of changes.
Cricket Champions allows users to use the Cricket API for one mobile app and domain. Cricket Champion The Cricket API services of Cricket Champion should be used by the License platform under the Terms and Conditions. 
License is used for the sole purpose of Cricket API authorization and no other activity. 
Proprietary Interest
The License confirms that Cricket champion has all copyrights and proprietary rights for the Cricket API and related data on their website.
Accuracy of billing
We hold the right to decline any of your placed orders due to the unavailability of the product, limited quantities, purchase per order, etc. We can refuse your purchasing requests from the same account and payment details. We will notify you regarding the refusing order via email/text message or call. 
Account Information
You will be liable for providing details like email address, contact number, account number, credit card details, etc. You agree to update the account, contact details, and payment options, so we can complete the transaction smoothly. 
Third-Party Link
Some content on our website might be available via third-party service and we are only responsible till a user is using our services. 
For third-party links on our website which are not affiliated with us are our responsibility. We are not accountable if these third parties examine your internet usage. 
We will not be liable for any damages caused by the purchasing of third-party products or services. Before any engagement, please read carefully about the terms and conditions of the services. We are not answerable for any concern and query related to third-party services.   

Test Account of API Coverage
To use the test account use the token provided to you. Check out our documentation to see how to use the token.
After testing and development, follow the steps below to subscribe to plans
Step 1. Signup 
Step 2. Email Verification
Step 3. Use login credentials for login 
Step 4. Subscribe to the plan as per your requirement
Contact us for any purchase-related query cricketapiservice@gmail.com


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