Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is the legal document to ensure users about their privacy while visiting our website. Just like our website visitors, privacy and confidentiality of personal data is our primary concern. All the personal information, payment details, and browsing data we seek are highly confidential and don’t harm your privacy. 
Read our privacy policy to know why we collect your personal information, where we use it, and how secure are your personal details.
What information do we collect?
We collect the following personal information to provide the best user experience and service-related updates:
Email address
Contact Number
How do we use your personal information? 
We use your personal information for:
To provide login details over email or text message
To notify you of the new updates
Information about the subscription - end date, due date, new features, etc.
Invoices regarding your purchase
We send regular newsletters 
To provide a better user experience by conducting surveys
Know more about your requirements via communicating with you on different platforms
To provide customers supports
Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to maintain the information of our website visitors. We also use cookies to analyze the site traffic and user requirements to offer the best user experience. If we disable cookies, some functions of our website might stop working. All your data and web browsing are confidential. 
How secure is our payment method?
For payment purposes, we use third-party payment gateways like Cash-free. We never save your debit card/or credit card details. We ensure that, on every purchase, you are providing us with your card or UPI details. Your card data is secure under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) while processing the payment. 
You must check the privacy policy and terms & conditions of the third payment gateway to ensure the confidentiality of your information. All the third payment gateways also have their own policies and a user should go through them. 
All your payment information is encrypted from your end to the payment gateway’s end.
What about the security of third-party services?
If we are using any third-party services, then it might collect your information to complete the process. A user should read the terms and conditions of third-party services, before jumping towards the final action. We ensure that the services of the third party on our platform are equally safe and secure. 
Once you are on the third-party platform for any services, we are not responsible for anything. Consider their privacy policy for safety. 
What about the security?
We follow all the government rules and guidelines to offer maximum security to our users. We take strict action against the violation of our privacy policy and on committing any offense. All your information is confidential, secure, and away from any misuse. 
What about changes in the company privacy policy?
We hold the right to modify our privacy policy anytime. It is advisable to check our privacy policy once in a while. We may inform you about the changes in our privacy policy via mail or text message. 
And any other company takes over us or we merge with some other company, then your information will be shared with that respective company.


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